This project has been merged into eispice and is no longer in active development. This original version is provided as is, in case someone wants to use it for a project not integrated with eispice.

Download / Installation

You can download ibistools here:

To install, uncompress the downloaded file, go into the ibistools directory, change the PREFIX variable in the Makefile to the location you want to install it, and run "make" then "make install". I've been using cygwin under Windows for my development but it should compile on most *NIX based systems. If it doesn't please let me know.

I've included the automatically generated C code in the distribution, but if you want to regenerate it you will need awk and re2c.

Contact, Further Development

Please contact me at with any questions, comments, or concerns. I'm especially interested in any bugs, bug fixes, or added features. I'm happy to add any updates that you make to the code, so that they're available to everyone. If you want to get involved in development just let me know.

Current Features:

  • Complete IBIS 4.1 Parser
    -- Unfortunately IBIS files have a rather complicated syntax. Though a parser is provided by the IBIS development group it isn't free. To my knowledge there hasn't been a free Open Source IBIS Parser available, until now. This parser is created by a handful of awk scripts, and further processed by the re2c tool before becoming 20 thousand lines of C Code.
  • IBIS To Spice Translator
    -- Generates SPICE decks that are usable by any spice implementation that is compliant with Berkley Spice 3. The models are far from optimized and could use some work.